Proposal 3: Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs

Proposal 3: Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs

Background: Requires utilities to obtain at least 25% of electricity from renewable sources by 2025. Limits consumer rate increases from renewables-related costs to no more than 1% per year; creates incentives to employ Michigan workers and equipment.

What it does: Reduces our state’s dependence on foreign oil and out-of-state energy. Ensures Michigan energy is clean, creating a healthier, safer environment for children. Encourages the production of energy, like wind and solar, here in Michigan, made by Michigan workers.

Proposal 3 is supported by:

A. Philip Randolph Institute

AFT Michigan

Alliance for Immigrants Rights / Michigan Organizing Project

America Votes

American Wind Energy Association

Clean Water Action

Equality Michigan

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) of Greater Lansing Area

League of Women Voters

Michigan AFSCME Council 25

Michigan Association for Justice

Michigan Education Association

Michigan Environmental Council

Michigan Interfaith Power & Light

Michigan League of Conservation Voters

Michigan NOW

Michigan Nurses Association

Moms Clean Air Force


Natural Resources Defense Council

One Michigan

Progress Michigan

ROC – Michigan

SEIU Michigan State Council

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice


West Michigan Jobs Group

Xicano Development Center

Proposal 3 is opposed by:

American Petroleum Institute

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity


Amerisure Insurance

Consumers Energy

DTE Energy

Huntington Bank

Michigan Oil and Gas Association

Rattle with Us Tea Party

ReTakeOurGov Tea Party

Sheldon Adelson

Waste Management

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16 Comments on "Proposal 3: Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs"

  • The power companies and the so called tea party people want to keep using oil, gas and clean coal to create electicty how can you have clean coal do people wash it or does it come from the ground that way no way, i want to see wind and solar power being used as well.

    • I so agree with you on that note. I noticed the list of major companies that against proposal three, which I’m not surprised by DTE, Consumer Energy, Huntington Bank at all. Corporations are all greedy, they make billions, but are never satisfied, always want more, even if they aren’t providing what’s best for the consumer.

  • peter romano says

    I agree, I beleive this is very important for the state

  • Shane loberman says

    Michigan workers.Id say most of the wealthy have there hands in anything that will bennefit them or there friends. As long as the checks good they dont care about who there hurting planet or people. I agree we need to start using other forms of energy and employe

  • kyle rohlf says

    i vote yes

  • Ryan says

    Keep me working, vote yes!

  • Mia says

    The fact Amway doesn’t want this is enuf for me….Clean energy is needed….The young want it…I have children, and they want clean energy…..$ is a big issue here, especially us who pay the power bill……The proposal says the electric companies cannot raise our rates more then 1%…..Any truth to this….Electricity is now sooooooooo expensive…Tooo me , $ matters..Big Oil just plain sucks, and if we little guys can find a way…..Yes…….

  • David L says

    there is no such thing as “clean coal”. ALL things that are burned, cause air polution in some way. I think it’s good that there is a cap on rate hikes

  • Susan Jackson says

    Vote! Yes.

  • Tony Gonzalez says

    Yes, We Need it and the cap!

  • Dennis H. says

    My only concern on voting ‘yes’ on this proposal is the 10,000 or more jobs that current workers could lose. Renewable energy is the way of a brighter future though, and I’m still working on becoming fully informed on all proposals before election day. I’m pretty sure I will be voting ‘yes’ on this proposal, as I believe that even if there is a job loss, others will be created.

  • Rebecca F. says

    Vote Yes! and stick it to DTE!

  • Nkrumah Grant says

    It is imperative that we vote YES on this proposal. As a biology student it doesn’t take much to recognize the effects of pollution in our biosphere. In addition, as we continue to develop clean renewable energy sources we are stepping away from our dependence on foreign oil. Look at the increase in cancers and the the increase in the number of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder just to name a few. Whether related to this problem, it cannot be completely deduced, but it is definitely something to think about. As I ride in Michigan and I see the new wind turbines going up I think of all the jobs that are being created in that sector and the long term effects of them. Clean air, independence, cheaper electric bill and so much more.

  • Bradley B says

    As far as the job losses to the existing and the rate increase$ go, in the game of life, some times you have to take a few steps back to be able to LEAP forward—- Yes all the way…


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