Proposal 4: Keep Home Care a Safe Choice

Proposal 4: Keep Home Care a Safe Choice

Background: Establishes the Michigan Quality Home Care Council to register, background check and provide standards for home care providers.

What it does: Ensures seniors and people with disabilities have an affordable, safe choice of living at home, rather than at more-expensive nursing homes. Links providers with patients, provides for extensive background checks and saves taxpayer dollars since home care is significantly less expensive to taxpayers than nursing homes.

Proposal 4 is supported by:

A. Philip Randolph Institute




Area Agencies on Aging – Association of Michigan

Alliance of Retired Americans

America Votes

The Arc Michigan

Clean Water Action

Equality Michigan

Grey Panthers of Metro Detroit

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) of Greater Lansing Area

The Law Enforcement Awareness Network

Michigan Alliance for Immigrants Rights / Michigan Organizing Project

Michigan AFL-CIO

Michigan AFSCME Council 25

Michigan Association for Justice

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

Michigan Education Association

Michigan Laborers Union

Michigan League for Public Policy

Michigan NOW

MS Society

One Michigan

Progress Michigan

ROC – Michigan

SEIU Michigan State Council

Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice



Proposal 4 is opposed by:


Amerisure Insurance

Fifth Third Bank

Huntington Bank

Independent Tea Party Patriots

Lapeer County Tea Party Patriots

Rattle With Us Tea Party

ReTakeOurGov Tea Party

Sheldon Adelson

Waste Management

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5 Comments on "Proposal 4: Keep Home Care a Safe Choice"

  • Heidi says

    Since I am a home care worker I am voting yes on proposal 4. Seniors have the right to be safe and stay in their homes. Most can not afford nursing home care.

  • Alison says

    My father is recently disabled from a massive stroke and living with my already stretched thin sister who is having trouble taking care of him. My mother, who was his primary care giver at my sisters home, also recently fell ill and is unable to provide the care for my father that she did before. We do not want him to go to a nursing home because we know 1. it will bleed him dry of his savings and 2. because of the terrible service, conditions and experiences we have had there! I think that he should qualify for home care and it should be safe for our family to bring someone into our homes, which are filled with women and young children, and not have to worry that person has a criminal record….God forbid a CSC accusation!!! I vote YES!!

  • pl says

    I’m voting yes the elderly derserve to know who is taking care of them most jobs require background checks why not caregivers.

  • Bradley B says

    I work at a retirement community & had to pass background checks/ drug screenings to work there, and I’ll vote yes to this, but why would waste management be opposed to this or amway? kinda fishy….

  • Me says

    Senior citizens need and DESERVE safe, affordable home healthcare. I know the travesty of the nursing homes/assisted living facilities: all talk, poor care, staffed by fast food worker rejects. What’s GALLING is that the folks against this are screaming about “nanny government” and making daycare moms join unions. They don’t know what they’re talking about and are confusing the proposals.

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