Proposal 2: Protect Working Families

Proposal 2: Protect Working Families

Background: Constitutional amendment to establish employees’ right to join unions and bargain collectively with public or private employers regarding wages, hours and other terms of employment.

What it does: Collective bargaining levels the playing field and helps ensure good working conditions and a better quality of life for all Michiganders, whether in unions or not. Allows employees to come together with employers to negotiate a fair deal so CEOs aren’t the only ones benefitting from a company’s success.

Proposal 2 is supported by:

A. Philip Randolph Institute


AFT Michigan

Alliance for Immigrants Rights / Michigan Organizing Project

America Votes

Clean Water Action

Equality Michigan

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) of Greater Lansing Area

Michigan AFL-CIO

Michigan AFSCME Council 25

Michigan Association for Justice

Michigan Education Association

Michigan Laborers Union

Michigan NOW

Michigan Parent Teacher Association

One Michigan

Progress Michigan

ROC – Michigan

SEIU Michigan State Council

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice



Xicano Development Center

Proposal 2 is opposed by:


Amerisure Insurance

Huntington Bank

Michigan Tea Party Alliance

Rattle With Us Tea Party

Lapeer County Tea Party Patriots

Independent Tea Party Patriots

ReTakeOurGov Tea Party

Sheldon Adelson

SW Michigan Tea Party Patriots

Waste Management

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7 Comments on "Proposal 2: Protect Working Families"

  • Coming from a strong labor union background, I am very much aware of what could happen to collective bargaining rights in Michigan if the crypto-fascists have their way in the state legislature and Congress. Not only would union organizing become illegal, as workers, we could all be reduced to virtual wage slaves. That’s why I’m voting “yes” on proposal 2.

    • Susan Jackson says

      Wow!!! I am ready surprise by waste management & huntington bank respond to protect working families, I guess these people don’t have families. So sad!

  • dave morris says

    without this the republican will turn this state into a right to work state then there will be on workers rights and no jobs , just like romney did to the employees of bain international. i am also a proud member of the ufcw local 951.

  • Jeremy says

    Vote YES! if you like to have an opinion at work.

  • Tony Gonzalez says

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to vote yes… I read that it will override at least 170 current laws and I can’t find them.

  • Alison says

    I am a police officer and so is my husband and we are voting yes! I refuse to let R. Ficano control my wages!

  • Tivon Thurman says

    Voting yes will protect all of the hard working middle class people so politicians won’t attack our teacher and labor unions. I already voted yes on 2 and I suggest that you do the same to protect good teachers, auto workers, policemen, firemen and women, nurses, and good service men and women.

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