Proposal 2: Promote the Vote 2022

Official Ballot Proposal Summary

A proposal to amend the state constitution to add provisions regarding elections.

This proposed constitutional amendment would:

  • Recognize fundamental right to vote without harassing conduct;
  • Require military or overseas ballots be counted if postmarked by election day;
  • Provide voter right to verify identity with photo ID or signed statement;
  • Provide voter right to single application to vote absentee in all elections;
  • Require state-funded absentee-ballot drop boxes, and postage for absentee applications and ballots;
  • Provide that only election officials may conduct post-election audits;
  • Require nine days of early in-person voting;
  • Allow donations to fund elections, which must be disclosed;
  • Require canvass boards certify election results based only on the official records of votes cast.

What It Does

Proposal 2 is a pro-voter initiative aimed at increasing access to the ballot and ensuring transparency in our elections. The proposal will ensure voters can vote free from harassment, intimidation, and interference by enshrining a fundamental right to vote in the Michigan Constitution. This proposal will also modernize Michigan’s elections by creating nine days of in-person early voting; allowing voters to request an absentee ballot for all future elections; providing state funding for secure ballot drop boxes, postage for absentee ballots and absentee ballot tracking; counting ballots from military and overseas voters that are postmarked by Election Day and received within six days; requiring audits to be conducted in public by local election officials; and ensuring that the outcome of Michigan elections are determined solely by the votes cast.

MLRV Recommendation

Michigan League of Responsible Voters recommends a “Yes” on Proposal 2.